We are able to cater for business meetings, weddings, christenings and any special occasions with competitive prices.

For more information please contact Getenesh on
  020 76099832,
  07853413858 or

ለስብሰባዎች ለሠርግ ለክርስትና እና ለመሳሰሉት ዝግጅቶች በተመጣጣኝ ዋጋ ምግብ ማቅረብ እነችላለን

Buffets for at least 15 people. Vegetarian Dishes £15.00 per head.
  Non Vegetarian Dishes £16.50 per head.
ቡፌ ከ15 ሰው ላላነሰ እናዘጋጃለን የጾም £15.00 በሰው
የፍስከ £16.50 በሰው

Payment methods: we accept cash or all major credit and debit cards. Minimum payment by card is £10.00.